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Polished Concrete Floors

Concrete Reflections, Inc. Concrete Polishing
Image of concrete floor before treatment. Before Treatment A typical concrete floor, like this one, will exhibit pitting, stains and the residue of old coating.
Image of beginning of polishing treatment. The process starts with the removal of blemishes with coarse diamonds bonded in metal.
Image of Step 3 in concrete treatment process. Depending on condition, the initial rough grind may be a 3 or 4 step process.
Image of Step 4 in the polishing process. Continual grinding of metal bond diamonds.
Image of Step 5 in concrete treatment. Because we have removed some of the original concrete seal, we reapply a densifying concrete seal to stop dusting and harden the floor for the polishing steps.
Image of Step 6 in the concrete polishing process. Finally, the floor is diamond ground using ever finer grits, as you would use to sand wood, until the desired shine is achieved.
Image of Step 7 in treatment in the polished concrete process.
The Floor of the Future



Bare Concrete Floor at K2 Architectural Design

The Concrete Relections Floor The Floor of the Future
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