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How Concrete Polishing is Not Done

As an emerging industry, concrete polishing is experiencing dramatic changes while advancements in equipment
and techniques are constantly being introduced. Faster, easier, cheaper methods of polishing are showing up
almost monthly bringing with it budget priced diamonds and densifiers that prove to be unsatisfactory in
performance. At the same time, contractors offer their services when in fact, they do not have the knowledge
or proper experience in methods and materials. Here are two illustrations:

Example #1

The Wrong Way in Winter Haven, FL

Polishing Process: Floor was polished using light weight, high speed equipment.Important preliminary steps were omitted.
Result: The floor was absolutely gorgeous. The shine was excellent, the light reflection was outstanding.
Six Months Later: The shine was completely gone. Ordinary foot traffic wore the shine away.

Example #2

The Right Way in Pottstown, PA (same store chain as example #1)

Polishing Process: Floor was properly ground with high quality diamonds and no steps were omitted.
Premium densifier was used. Heavy weight machinery and state of the art diamonds were used.
Result: Initial outstanding beauty.
Twenty-eight Months Later: Floor looks almost like the day it was polished.


Get it done right. Concrete Reflections Inc. can be trusted to provide a job with longevity in mind. It is
easy to polish concrete that looks pretty, but only a very few select polishers will provide a floor that
maintains its beauty for years and years. For the lowest cost over the long term, Concrete Reflections Inc.
can be trusted. Only Concrete Reflections Inc. offers an optional 20 year absolute guarantee that assures
that your floor will retain its high gloss beauty. That’s the epitome of value!
how it’s not done

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