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Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete - The Floor of the Future

It’s Beautiful

It comes as no surprise that most people do not have an image of a concrete floor as an attractive, aesthetically pleasing option for a floor. Their image is more of product that is used to build houses, bridges and roads.

However, almost without exception, polished concrete is an excellent value, a strong, reliable and environmentally-friendly material that can bring value to your business environment.

Our company can transform an ordinary cement floor into something truly spectacular.

It’s a Concrete Reflections, Inc. Floor

We use a proprietary method of diamond grinding using a combination of metal bond and resin bond diamonds. We add a hardener with state-of-the-art machinery and tooling that produces a long-lasting, granite-like shine.

The polished floor is durable, versatile, functional, eco-friendly, surprisingly economical and a distinctive trendsetter. Whether it is new or a 60-year-old floor… it can become an amazing floor.

Its Background

Polished concrete is an outgrowth of the marble and terrazzo industry, introduced to the United States in 1998. Since then, uses of polished cement have expanded tremendously.

Industry studies reveal that the use of concrete polishing will grow 100 fold in the next 5 years.

It’s a Quality Floor

How can you determine true quality? As a buyer, it is essential to compare and understand the differences between the quality equipment and quality standards applied in cement polishing. A quality process means the difference between a "short-term shine" (a 4 step process at $2/s.f.) or the desired, true, quality floor - a professional 10-step process, Concrete Reflections floor, using state of the art equipment at $3/s.f.

Both are called "polished concrete." One is a costly mistake. OURS is the quality you desire. We back all our work with a warranty.

It's Your Long Term Solution

Our team of highly trained professionals transforms a dull, lifeless concrete floor into a beautiful reflective surface. Maintenance costs usually drop by 60 once we do our magic. Even tire marks and oil spills simply wipe off.

Once complete, Concrete Reflections offers a 20-year absolute gloss retention warranty program that guarantees shine and locks in your costs. No waxes, acrylics or epoxies are used. There is nothing to chip, peel or fade.

It’s Very Affordable

The cost of a polished cement floor compares very favorably with the cost of vinyl composition tile. Since maintenance costs for our floors prove to be about 60 percent less than VCT, significant maintenance dollars are saved. Your floor will be need only minor touch-up years down the road.

It's Ecologically Friendly

A professionally polished concrete floor is a green process with LEED certification up to platinum level. The shine comes from repeated polishing steps, using ever finer and finer quality diamond grits...NOT from applying coatings, acrylics or epoxies that contain harmful VOCs.

It's Slip Resistant

The National Floor Safety Institute has certified that our floors are one of the safest floors you can have. Concrete Reflections™ floors meet standards for a "high-traction" floor rating.

It's Contractor Friendly

Because Concrete Reflections, Inc. dry grinds and polishes, other trades/contractors can be on the floor while we work. With no down time and no cure time, the floor can be put into immediate service. Call us today!

Concrete Reflections Inc. - The Ultimate In Polished Concrete

Each Concrete Reflections crew is capable of producing up to 10,000s.f. of finished product in a day (depending upon the conditions of the floor; rough condition - 5.000s.f. / laser screed 8-10,000s.f.) CRI brings its own 75KW Caterpillar to run both 480 and 240 volt, 3-phase powered machines and all machinery is towed in 20ft and 40ft Featherlite trailers.

Concrete Reflections Inc. - Floor of the Future


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